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Learn something every day.
— Papa Ross


family man • welder • pipeliner


Most days you can find me up early headed to help weld a pipeline together, coming back to the camper after a 10 hour day to relax with my wife and our two corgi pups. I haven't always chased pipelines, and I wouldn't say I was destined to be a welder.  In fact, I didn't even really know what it was till I was in high school.

Maybe you are just finding welding or pipeline life like I was 11 years ago.  Maybe you have been welding for years but love the idea of traveling for work instead of staying put.  Maybe you have tried working oilfield around the house and just want to know if the financial benefit of going pipeline (and traveling) would be worth the sacrifice away from your loved ones.  Maybe you just like good shop talk and a heavy dose of coffee while you piddle.

I get it; you feel stuck, know there has to be more but keep getting knocked down because you don't have an "in."  I have been there.  My dad or grandpa didn't pipeline.  I had no idea what I should be practicing or what tools I for sure needed.  Don't even get me started on not knowing what brands to buy or having what felt like zero contacts.

I was you, not that long ago. I was broke, young, zero contacts, no machine, little know how, and a fire inside of me that barely let me sleep at night because all I wanted to do was figure it out, get my questions answered and get the job. Because, if I could just get my "in" I knew I could do the work. Heck, work is my favorite thing to do and the one thing I've always known I was good at doing well.

I grew up in a trailer park in central Oklahoma riding my BMX bike around town and spent plenty of days getting into trouble with other kids in my neighborhood.  When I was older, my parents bought some land outside of town, and I began working.  Before anyone else would hire me, I worked for my grandpa laying concrete and hauling hay.  Any day school was out or chance I could break free from being a kid I would go work for my grandpa.  I became obsessed with work.  I guess I just wanted more and was motivated by the fact that if I worked, I could turn that work into money and money into the life I dreamed of. 

When I found welding, it all started to click.  Sure, I spent many days and nights frustrated, but I had a feeling that I had discovered what I was going to do with my life.  I had found that thing that could take me places and make me into the man I wanted to become.  If you have found welding or pipeline work and have those same feelings, I want to help you work smarter, practice right, and ultimately achieve the lifestyle you want to be living.

I am not your welding instructor.  If you need the basics of welding, I'm not your guy.  I can help point you in the right direction, but that isn't what I do here.  I want to be your in-between guy.  Your friend and first "in," on your way to making welding or pipeline welding your career.