What size of lead/cable is suitable for pipeline/rig trucks?  


How much do you make?

Watch this video and read the comments. 

What are your expenses?

If you are actually curious about this great, but honestly nobody ever ask this question.  I wish they would which is why we made this video about it.  This is the type of question you should focus on.  

Weld test

Can you show me a branch test?

Yes, I can. So I can do this in the best way possible I am actually creating a entire course around this question.  There is so much involved and I want to make sure you know it as well as you can before your first test. Coming late 2018. CLICK HERE to sign up.


How do I get a job on the pipeline?

The short story — network, hustle, patience. You may also like this video.

Do you need a helper?  Can I go to work with you?

I don't need a helper, but you can go to work with me. CLICK HERE.  Quick tip: very few will get jobs by harassing welders on social media.  Network right and you will win.  Don't beg, don’t ask questions they have already answered or say you have xyz experience if they don't ask. 

TraveL AND being on the road

Camper or hotel?

Camper if you can.  I say this for many reasons. At the top of my list...   One: So much cheaper in the long run.   Two: Take your home with you.

welding rig

Who built your bed?

I did.

Do you have videos making your bed?

I don't.  I will build another one though and will film the whole process.

Tools of the Trade

What tools do I need to start?

HERE is a list of essential tools for new pipeline welders. HERE is a list of specialty tools for rig welders who like fabrication.



How old are you?

Born in 90. That makes me 29 this year.

Where are you from? 

Central Oklaoma

How old were you when you.. started welding? went to welding school? started pipelining?

I was probably 16 or so when I started welding in ag class. That lead to going to tech school my junior and senior year. I graduated a semester early and got a job at a local fab shop. I worked there for a couple of years then quit to work for myself. I was working out of my truck doing odd jobs when I finally got a job chasing drilling rigs. I did that for a short time before getting my first pipe test. I started traveling welding mainline pipelines when I was 22.

Industrial Tradition

What is Industrial Tradition?

It’s a brand my wife and I created after we noticed a common thread within the community that formed around our family Youtube channel. It’s for, pipeline families, farmers, ranchers, makers, mothers, gypsies, welders and wanderers of all kinds. If you enjoy rural and small town life then we think you will like Ind. Trad. Join in HERE if you want to stay up to date with happens there or click here to learn more about it.

What happened to the podcast?

It’s coming back. We got a little over our head in 2018 and are working towards getting help so that things like the podcast can continue to come out regularly. Stay tuned and click here to listen in on old episodes in the mean time.