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I believe in hard work, but I don't think every little thing has to be learned the hard way.

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i've been in your shoes

When I was younger, 10 years felt like forever.  But who I was and the things I struggled with 10 years ago, when I was just getting started still seem so fresh.  I was so hungry to learn and was determined nothing would stand in my way.  At this point, you know how to weld. Or at least have the basics and are practicing every second you can.  There is still a disconnect though.  You have found out about this work they call "pipeline" but don't know the first thing about how to get started as a helper or welder and really wouldn't know how to do a branch test even if you did get the call.  


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The Branch

Coming late 2019

The complete blueprint to the most common pipeline weld test you will face.  Over and over you will be required to prove you are worth hiring.  It is more than learning how to weld it out.  You need to know what to expect on test day (especially the first time), how to lay it out, how to fit it up, and how to be mentally ready to pass every single time.  This course will answer your questions, give you confidence of knowledge and a VIP seat in a private group of guys who are going after the same things in life as you.  Knowledge is power and community is the gateway to the inside.  Are you ready to invest in your future and really be ready when you get "the call"?