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The A Ross Welding Inner Circle is designed for you to meet people, network, find people near you, and grow personally and professionally. Think social media meets mastermind meets educational forum. It’s the best way I can use my platform to help you — connect you to everyone and everything I’ve learned!


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Channel Support

Becoming a patron means you are supporting what we do here. In return, you get awesome rewards and a easier way to connect with me. It’s a place to hangout with the rest of the crew and an easier way for me to keep you in the know about anything and everything ARW.


Join one or join both. I’ll be hanging out with you in both of them.

If you have questions or aren’t sure which is right for you please CONTACT ME so I can help.




Q: What’s the difference between the Inner Circle and the Patreon Crew?

The biggest difference comes down to how we interact within them and what you get out of it.

The Inner Circle is for pipeliners, rig welders, and their families to connect, network and interact a lot like your favorite social media platform but with an education forum and personal development aspect added. [Click here to learn more]

The Patreon Crew is more about supporting the YouTube channel and future project I work on. It's also where I've added some rewards the community has requested like one on one call with me and email responses. Those tiers are for anyone who have unique personal questions that can't be answered in a simple message or by one of the videos. [Click here to learn more]

Q: If I could only choose one which one would I choose?

If I wanted to be a pipeliner of any kind or a rig welder then I would easily choose the Inner Circle. It's built specifically for you based off of what Kayla and I have needed over the years. It will touch on what I needed at 18 (a way to meet people), what I needed at 23 (new to pipeline life answers and support) and what I need today as a pipeline welder who has been doing this for 7 years (friends, new connections, and a place to hangout with my type of people). For Kayla, it's always been a need for friends and support from people who "get it."


Inner Circle

Q: Is the Inner Circle for job leads? Do I get a refund if I don’t get a job after joining the Inner Circle?

A: The short answer is no, neither of the membership opportunities guarantee any job leads or jobs. It is specifically created to network with the rest of the community and to build real relationships. I do think members will make connections that will help them level up and I do think some people will find job leads, but true networking isn't only job leads. It definitely isn't a job posting board... it's much more than that.